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Don't know if you need a clutch change? You can tell when your clutch is bad. When you go up a hill, stick it into a higher gear than you normally do and step on the accelerator. If you hear the engine speed up (or see the tachometer speed jump up) but you can't feel the car speed up - then the clutch is starting to slip. If however the car starts to shudder (because you are in too high of a gear and it doesn't like it) clutch is fine. You have been driving it right up to this point - shifting down when you were suppose to and driving in the proper gear. You can do over a 100,000 miles on a clutch, it all depends on what demands you have been putting on it.

Towing a trailer or always carrying a heavy load (or dropping the clutch to spin the tyres) is more demanding of a clutch as you have to slip the clutch more so that will wear it out sooner.

A clutch does not fail suddenly in most cases. You are given plenty of notification. It starts to feel more like a soft automatic. Still don't know if you need a clutch change - visit Link Road Motors and ask for one of our highly skilled mechanics to test drive your car.


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